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Welcome to my medie kit

Do you have a good idea for a collaboration or would you like to hear more about what I can offer? – You are always welcome to contact me at or read more here

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Should we work together on my travel blog?

On I create informative and visually travel-related content aimed at young people and adults who want to travel on their own, digital nomads and other travel lovers.

Do you wanna work with a ambitious danish travelblogger, then here I am!

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Does your company apply to this target group?

I am always interested in working with new partners for That said, it is very important to me that the content is relevant and that it will create value for my readers.

10 good reasons to work with me /

I am Denmark’s most ambitious travel blogger.
♥ I write humorous and vivid posts.
♥ I am punctual and take great pride in keeping my agreements.
♥ I go to great lengths to take great pictures ,so I can tell a story, thats alive.
♥ I am story interested and share my knowledge with my readers.
♥ I have travel alot on my own.
♥ I want to experience a travel destination as the locals themselves experience it.
♥ I love an exciting challenge.
♥ I am open to, and curious about, all cultures, traditions and religions.
♥ I’m extremely fun to travel with – Don’t miss out!

A collaboration with me / is a good opportunity for you to purposefully market your brand to a growing target group of young and adult travelers who would like to put together their journeys and who dream of traveling on their own outside.

This target group can identify with the type of brand that Tea Tougaard is.

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Monthly statistics for 2020 (January)

Monthly visitors: 6,000+
Monthly page views: 13,000+
Facebook: 1,100+ followers
Instagram: 1,100+ followers
Mailing list: 110+ subscribers

I am also active in several major Scandinavian travel networks, where I share my posts.

Press and SOME

Me and my company have been featured in various newspapers, websites and SOME. Among other things, I have been mentioned at, Midtjylland’s newspaper,, Rejseblokken, Ekstra posten, Se&Hør, Alanya Haber, Loveantalya, Helt op til månen and many more…

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Examples of collaboration I offer:

Travel blog post focusing on my personal experience.
See the examples: Paragliding i Alanya – Den vildeste WOW oplevelse! & Nordcyperns vilde æsler.

Travel articles and guides on my blog.
See the examples: Top 10 seværdigheder i Gdansk & 10+ Gratis museer i København

Review of products
See the example: Min boganmeldelse af “Danske kvinder i Mellemøsten”

Articles and / or review of hotel, restaurant, experiences etc.
See the examples: Botin i Madrid: Verdens ældste restaurant og Paella madlavningskursus og spansk hygge i Madrid

Freelance articles
See the examples: Seværdigheder på Nordcypern: 6 steder du skal se på ferien og 5 sjove og børnevenlige oplevelser i Alanya.

Blogger / Press tours
I am open to different types of blogger / press trips as long as their content creates value for me as travel blogger and the readers of my blog.

I am looking forward to hearing from you!

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